23rd January 2023

GDPR – Free Training Webinar

  ERF Skillnet and Mary Seery-Kearney (Barrister-at-Law & ERF DPO) will host a free GDPR update webinar on Friday 10th […]
19th January 2023

Garda Vetting Training Webinars 2023

  The ERF Garda Vetting Team and Mary Seery-Kearney (Barrister-at-Law & ERF DPO) will host 2  Garda Vetting Training Webinars […]
5th September 2022

Lunchtime Live – Pensions & Tax 2022-2023 ¦ What you need to know!

   Business Owners! You don’t want to miss this! Join the ERF’s free webinar on Thursday 8th September when Ralph […]
16th August 2022


  WIN! THAT AWARD… Discover the secret to writing an Award winning entry!   Increase your chances of Awards success […]
4th August 2022

How to be PRESENT in a busy world

  We live in a world of distraction, so much information coming at us at all times. Work, home, personal […]
15th June 2022

Job Board prices are going up….Are you going to Pay Up or Adapt?

    Job Board prices are going up… Are you going to Pay up or Adapt?   Join us on […]
28th April 2022

Lunchtime Live – SICK LEAVE BILL 2022 and what you need to know

    With the Sick Leave Bill 2022 having been approved by Government,  it now has to pass all stages […]
15th December 2021

The most in-demand skill for 2022: Recruiting!

  The most in-demand skill for 2022: RECRUITING!   In the summer of 2021, there were more jobs available on […]
14th December 2021

Social Media Recruiting Tips: Winning the war for Talent

    Job posting on social media? Not getting the response you need? Have a branding issue?     Then […]