28th April 2022

Lunchtime Live – SICK LEAVE BILL 2022 and what you need to know

    With the Sick Leave Bill 2022 having been approved by Government,  it now has to pass all stages […]
15th December 2021

The most in-demand skill for 2022: Recruiting!

  The most in-demand skill for 2022: RECRUITING!   In the summer of 2021, there were more jobs available on […]
14th December 2021

Social Media Recruiting Tips: Winning the war for Talent

    Job posting on social media? Not getting the response you need? Have a branding issue?     Then […]
9th June 2021

Lunchtime Live with Fenero – Free Webinar

  Contracting: A guide to career planning and generating wealth       Many candidates typically don’t wake up thinking […]
14th April 2021

Lunchtime Live with Fenero – Free Webinar

  CONTINGENT WORKFORCE TRENDS IN CONTRACT & TEMPORARY RESOURCING     As the world gets to grips with the idea […]
2nd June 2020

Working in our New Reality (Part 2) with Grainne Martin

Join Grainne Martin (Consultant Trainer to the Recruitment profession) and ERF Skillnet on Wednesday 24th June for this 2 hour […]
2nd June 2020

Masterclass with Greg Savage

    Survive. Then Thrive! The Recruiter Roadmap to Recovery. 1 hour Webinar Masterclass with Greg Savage       […]
22nd April 2020

Leading for success in uncertain times – Kevin Green

This webinar is aimed at Team Leaders and Business Owners/Managers Join Kevin Green (Business Leader & Strategic Advisor / bestselling author […]
22nd April 2020

Mastering your Mindset with Orla Conneely

“You are what you repeatedly do, excellence therefore is not an act but a habit” Join Orla Conneely (Director – Salestrainer.ie) […]
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