7 Key Tips for understanding the Visa abyss


7 Key Tips to understanding the Visa abyss.

Navigating the world of visas and work permits can be a bit of a minefield!


But join ERF Skillnet on Sept 7th where Nune Troy from Visa First will remove the mystery on visas and work permits. In this 1 hour FREE session, Nune will cover:


  • 1 Quick Overview of Ireland’s Immigration System – Discover the top 2-3 permits that open doors to non-EU talent in Ireland’s welcoming immigration system.

  • 2 Overview of hiring international talent already in Ireland – Demystify the various immigration stamps in Ireland and their impact on hiring international talent. 

  • 3 Employment rule for Different Stamps – Learn about the unique employment conditions associated with each immigration stamp.

  • 4 Navigating the permit process – Get to know the key players and the expected timeline for permit applications. 

  • 5 The Labour Market Needs Test (Advert) – Explore the importance of this test and how it affects the time to bring talent on board.  

  • 6 Effective communications for recruiters – Master the art of communication when working with potential international talents. 

  • 7 Insights into how to get access to data to improve relationships with incoming international candidates – Find out how data can improve your relationships with international candidates, right from the start of the recruitment process 



Dates:             Thursday 7th September

Time:               10:00am – 11am

Format:           Zoom Webinar 


Cost:                FREE


About the Trainer:

Nune Troy has a background in employment services and global mobility. Her journey through these fields has given her a keen understanding of the potential that diverse workforces hold and the crucial role of global mobility. Nune is a representative of Visa First, a company known for simplifying Irish employment permits and international corporate visas.

Nune understands the impact that diverse perspectives can have on shaping vibrant and innovative workplaces. Her journey has led her to believe that a harmonious blend of cultures, talents, and ideas is not only beneficial for individual growth but also integral to driving organizational success in an ever-evolving world.

Through insights and stories, she views a professional landscape where mobility is not just about physical relocation, but also about the exchange of ideas and experiences that enhance the collective knowledge of teams and organizations.


**This course is facilitated by ERF Skillnet.


Sep 07 2023


10:00 am - 11:00 am
Online Skillnet Course


Online Skillnet Course
Online Skillnet Course