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Skillnet actively supports and works with businesses in Ireland to address their
current and future skills needs. The Employment & Recruitment Federation has worked
with Skillnet to secure funding to support lifelong learning for our industry.

The ERF Skillnet offers our recruitment professionals innovative training programmes and development opportunities to ensure the profession attracts and maintains the talent required to be successful, while closely working with our members to identify and bridge skill gaps.

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Skillnet Student Testimonials

Emma Anglim

Brightwater | ERF Trailblazers Manager and Team Leader Programme

I thought the course was superb, well-structured and thought out but also hugely interactive, it was also very energising and motivating. The trainer James Osborne was fantastic, knew his subject matter intimately and it was evident that he is a thought leader in his field. He interacted well with the group and was very positive – all the material was very relevant and could be applied immediately to your current role. James also pushed the group outside of their comfort zone and got them to think strategically in relation to themselves, their desks, their sector and their teams. My only criticism was that I would have liked another day. One of the most effective pieces of training that I have participated in to date

Amy Breen

Brompton | ERF Trailblazers Manager and Team Leader Programme

Really insightful for me – I loved it! James from TRN is a compelling leader! Trailblazers is top drawer learning and I practice many of James’ methods and topics in my coaching and developmental work here at Brompton. Being in a developmental role – keeping up with the best in the market is essential to success in this competitive profession. I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 day workshop as it was so engaging, interactive and most of all fun. I am undergoing an executive coaching diploma at the moment so learning from James at Trailblazers really gave me well rounded training and more tools that I can confidently use and apply in my work with my team. You trust him as he provides proof that these methods work. James will inspire and drive your business further if you are willing to put in the work and think outside the box James is a lateral thinker that encourages you to think more commercially, mindfully, strategically and to most of all LOVE what you do. He has infectious energy and I was delighted to complete this workshop.

Shane Carton

Solas | ERF Trailblazers Manager and Team Leader Programme

I found the course gave me a great insight into how best to structure & plan my day & workload. Also best recruitment practises - it was great speaking with other companies to see how they are dealing with current trends such candidate shortage and the market as a whole. Very interactive and energetic.

Gavin Hannon

Talent Acquisition Specialist in Sales and Marketing

I found Damian’s workshop in Building Resilience very interesting. Damian has first-hand experience of experiencing stress and being run down so I really took on board all his tips on how best to avoid being overcome with stress and anxiety. Damian was very personable, genuine, helpful and his workshop was engaging and well structured, covering various very relevant areas where stress can dominate your working life and showing how best to avoid this occurring. I took a lot away from this workshop and would recommend others to attend as I think everyone can relate to what Damian talks about. 

Hannah Cleary

Talent Acquisition Specialist in Sales, Design, Trades and operatives, Account Manager for Key Account

I honestly found Damien McCourt’s workshop on Building resilience to be great. He connected to people in the audience in a humble manor that everybody could relate to. The workshop showed me how to asses stressful work situations to actually acknowledge what emotions And signs of stress may be felt, and what to do about them rather than ignore them. Damien is very good at getting people to relax, especially through his meditation techniques that he uses. They are easy to do in any stressful situation or environment to make sure you stay grounded and don’t eventually End up sick due to stress reasons.

Mark Loughnane

Yala | Operations Director

Becoming A Superior People Development Manager: Maura Byrne (Your Business Smart Coach) Normally, when you put a bunch of recruiters (competitors) into a room together and ask them to discuss how they run their teams, you are met with awkward silences and a definite lack of participation/trust. Maura managed to avoid this totally and hold a two-day training session, full of mutual respect for each other’s ways of doing business and a very high level of interaction. She did this through her passion for her field and also her innate ability to read the energy in a room. I look forward to attending future training sessions with Maura.

Fred McDonogh

Red Chair Recruitment

Olivia’s webinar was refreshing, enjoyable and very well delivered. This back to the basic’s webinar was based on “Candidate Management & Online Interview Skills” that I feel would have helped both new and experienced recruiters in Ireland. As a member of the National Recruitment Federation, this course was professionally designed, and I feel will help build on our delivery within our industry to businesses & hiring managers. Thank you Olivia. 10/10

Pa O’Grady

Red Chair Recruitment

I thought Stephen’s webinar on sales and digital marketing was very insightful. He spoke very well and allowed for plenty of opportunities for members to engage in the presentation without feeling the pressure to do so. He provided a lot of useful but simple strategies for professionals to implement when trying to retrieve feedback from clients such as a referral/feedback document. In terms of content creation, I picked up some useful tips and tricks with regards to graphics, articles and video marketing while also outlining some apps that could be used such as Canva that I already use when creating graphics. Having little to no experience in video marketing, I look forward to using some of the apps that Stephen apps that Stephen suggested using such as Clip and Watermark. Which will hopefully contribute and increase the level of reach and engagement we receive on our Red Chair online platforms. Overall I found the presentation exciting and enjoyable and didn’t even notice the 2.5 hours go by. 

Joe Howell

Red Chair Recruitment

Stephan’s webinar on Sales and Marketing was great! Informative, personable and very engaging. He covered several relevant areas in regards to recruitment and the current situation, breaking topics down into digestible sections while allowing participants to ask questions and get involved in various exercises throughout his presentation. I would highly recommend and would be interested in seeing what teachings Stephan has to offer in the future.

Deirdre O’Driscoll

CCM Recruitment

Rob I would just like to say I completely agree with what you are saying .. I have worked from home for many years.  My early challenges were mobility and fitness .... planning is key to working at home.  Plan to include exercise and plan your menu.  Batch cook lunches and snacks.  Eat seasonal fruit and veg.  And key point - NEVER WAIT until you are hungry to go to the kitchen!  Home workers need to plan breaks, lunchtime etc.  Try to keep these times consistent.  Plus move.... move ... move regularly off your chair.  Well done Rob!

Emotional Intelligence Reviews

Janice O’Rourke

Head of Learning & Development

Your Skillnet Manager is Janice O’Rourke and can be contacted at 087 6108783 or email:

Employment & Recruitment Federation Skillnet is co-funded by Skillnet Ireland and member companies. Skillnet Ireland is funded from the National Training Fund through the Department of Education and Skills.

ERF Skillnet Training Evaluation Form

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Team members at TTM Healthcare recently completed the ERF Emotional Intelligence
training, finding it challenging, thought-provoking and effective. Here are some personal
appraisals from our people:


“For me, Emotional Intelligence has provided me with the tools I need in order for me to
achieve my highest goals. To have an understanding on the importance of self-awareness,
self-management, social awareness and relationship management has given me the
opportunity to grow in myself, and also with others. Most importantly using three key
words: Positive Mental Attitude.”

“For me it has re-confirmed there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach toward management.
Personalities are complicated but are worth the investment in efforts to understand
the individual”.

“Emotional Intelligence has shown me how to measure my individual abilities to recognise
and mange my emotions and the emotions of other people. I have learnt that good leaders
who are empathic understand what others in their organisation are going though and it is
this understanding that defines their actions and their words.” We look forward to continuing
the ERF Emotional Intelligence training as part of our Learning and Development programme.”