6th June 2024

Marketing Tools, Technology & AI for Recruiters

  MARKETING TOOLS, TECHNOLOGY & AI for RECRUITERS The aim of this course is to help attendees improve how they […]
5th June 2024

Lunchtime Live – ERF Skillnet supporting Men’s Mental Health Month

  FREE WEBINAR   ‘The Importance of Mental Health Awareness & Promotion Inside & Outside of Business’   The ERF […]
4th June 2024

Mastering Mentoring – Essential Skills for New Managers

    MASTERING MENTORING Essential Skills for New Managers The aim of this course is to equip participants with the […]
4th June 2024

Reflect Review Rewrite – High Performance Masterclass

  REFLECT REVIEW REWRITE High Performance Masterclass Are you on track to achieving your goals set out in 2024? As […]
7th May 2024


  AI FOR SALES: Revolutionise your Sales Strategies. Join Danny O’Neill and ERF Skillnet for this online, 4 session course […]
11th April 2024

Mastering Candidate Management: Essential Tips for Success

Learning outcome: This course is for any recruiter who want to understand their candidate’s needs better & how to provide […]
11th April 2024

The Traits that propel Success in Sales Recruitment

“The Traits That Propel Success in Sales Recruitment” workshop for employment and recruitment is designed as a comprehensive, dynamic program […]
5th March 2024

Microsoft Excel Workshop Series – Intermediate level

                        Join E-Bridge Training and ERF Skillnet for a […]
15th February 2024

RecruitFlow: Converting Desk Chaos into Workflow Success (and profit!)

  Are you a Recruiter guilty of having a chaotic desk? Struggling to hit KPIs and manage your day-to-day activities? […]