29th November 2023

Employment Policy Outlook for 2024

   On Thursday 14th December, the ERF is holding an end of year webinar on policy and legislation and what […]
2nd November 2022

November ERF Breakfast Briefing with Contracting Plus

HOW TO:  GROW by having a SUPERIOR CULTURE The evidence is clear: Having a motivated, inspired and energised team is […]
11th October 2022

October ERF Breakfast Briefing with Contracting Plus

Stable, Sluggish or Streets Ahead…Are you prepared? Staffing Market Stats for 2022 & Beyond.   Join us on Thursday 27th October for […]
14th September 2022

West Conference 2022- Sponsored by Fenero

  ‘RESILIENCE & REINVENTION – Off We Go Again’   Our 2022 ERF West Conference takes place in the Clayton […]
5th September 2022

Lunchtime Live – Pensions & Tax 2022-2023 ¦ What you need to know!

   Business Owners! You don’t want to miss this! Join the ERF’s free webinar on Thursday 8th September when Ralph […]
29th August 2022

September ERF Breakfast Briefing with Contracting Plus

Getting SALES SMART by BEING DIFFERENT!  Join us in Cork on Thursday 29th September for an in-person Breakfast Briefing (sponsored […]
16th August 2022


  WIN! THAT AWARD… Discover the secret to writing an Award winning entry!   Increase your chances of Awards success […]
4th August 2022

How to be PRESENT in a busy world

  We live in a world of distraction, so much information coming at us at all times. Work, home, personal […]
4th August 2022

August ERF Breakfast Briefing with Contracting Plus

  How to…. WIN THAT TENDER!  Tips for successful tendering at all levels.   Join us on Thursday 25th August […]