West Conference 2022- Sponsored by Fenero




Our 2022 ERF West Conference takes place in the Clayton Hotel, Galway on Thursday 6th October, 2022. 


With thanks to our sponsor Fenero.


It is currently a candidate market and recruiters really need to show their resilience, now more than ever.

Candidates can ghost us, take a counter-offer at the 11th hour or even accept another job offer entirely. And as an industry, we need to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and ‘go again’.

This conference will cover how we can all be more resilient and even re-invent ourselves if necessary…. in order to remain on top of our game!






5:30pmNetworkingLight Refreshments Served
6:00pmDonal O’Donoghue – ERF President & MD SandersonMC for the Conference  – ‘WELCOME’
6:05pmDonal O’Donoghue   Stats Presentation Whistle Stop Tour on the size of the market – Breakdown of demographics using information from CRO, WEC and SIA.
6:15pmPanel discussion – moderated by DonalPanel guests: Michelle Kilcar – Director, HERO Recruitment Ltd Niall Harris – Associate Director, Morgan McKinley Paula McDonnell – Managing Director, TTM Healthcare Solutions
6:30pmDavid O’Reilly – Director of Tax / Owner FeneroFenero Contractor Survey 2022 – What are Contractors thinking now? A brief overview of current data insights, Contractors’ views on key issues and the relationships Contractors have and would like with recruitment consultants.
6:40pmKeynote Speaker: Cara O’Leary – Sales Director / Head of UKI Mid Market, LinkedInPresentation:  Resilience & Reinvention
7:00pmKeynote Speaker: Dr. Heather McKee – Health Behaviour Change ConsultantPresentation: She will share the science behind the ‘Sticky Habits’ methodology: how to become your own Habit Detective to overcome habit myths and turn your intentions into actions.
7:30pmPanel discussion – moderated by DonalPanel guests: David O’Reilly, Cara O’Leary & Dr. Heather McKee 
7:45pmDonal O’DonoghueThank you to our sponsor Fenero, all our guests & attendees

Event closes

7:45pmDrinks ReceptionUntil 8.30pm




Oct 06 2022


5:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Clayton Hotel, Galway


Clayton Hotel, Galway
Clayton Hotel, Galway