7th November 2023

Recruiter Strategies & Success in 2024 – November Breakfast Briefing

  Join the ERF with thanks to ContractingPLUS on Thursday 23rd November for our final Breakfast Briefing of the year. […]
9th October 2023

October Breakfast Briefing – Dublin

  RECRUITING WITH DYNAMIC TENSION Recruiters! Are you ready to elevate your desk and business to new heights? Find out […]
23rd August 2023

James Osborne – Cork Breakfast Briefing

OPTIMISATION: How to squeeze more performance, productivity and profitability out of what YOU do.  Recruiters! Are you ready to take […]
21st June 2023

ChatGPT: The Do’s + Don’ts for Recruiters (August Breakfast Briefing)

  ChatGPT: The Do’s & Don’ts for Recruiters  Love it or hate it, ChatGPT is here to stay. Some recruiters […]
26th April 2023

May Breakfast Briefing – Limerick

                        PLAYING THE LONG GAME: Be a trusted ADVISOR, […]
8th February 2023

February Breakfast Briefing – Cork

                        SMART BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT for Today’s Recruiter    What […]
20th December 2022

Talent Trends for 2023 – January Breakfast Briefing

  TALENT TRENDS FOR 2023   What does life after a pandemic AND a recession look like for the world […]
2nd November 2022

November ERF Breakfast Briefing with Contracting Plus

HOW TO:  GROW by having a SUPERIOR CULTURE The evidence is clear: Having a motivated, inspired and energised team is […]
11th October 2022

October ERF Breakfast Briefing with Contracting Plus

Stable, Sluggish or Streets Ahead…Are you prepared? Staffing Market Stats for 2022 & Beyond.   Join us on Thursday 27th October for […]