FEBRUARY 2024 Breakfast Briefing – online



for building a successful CONTRACTING DESK. 

According to a recent survey conducted by Randstad, recruitment needs in Ireland for 2024 are projected to increase by 22.4%. As the labor shortage continues to escalate, Hiring Managers and HR professionals will need to implement more proactive recruitment strategies to meet their talent requirements, including the utilisation of contractors.





This upcoming webinar aims to equip recruiters with the essential insights needed to effectively navigate the contract market:

Jean O’Donovan will explore the interim/temporary solution while simultaneously hiring for permanent roles, focusing on building temporary numbers and margins to ensure consistent monthly revenue. Additionally, she will discuss the benefits of flexible hiring solutions from both the client and candidate perspectives.

Stephen Daly will provide valuable insights into contracting from an agency’s perspective, offering guidance on how to establish a successful contractor desk. He will also share strategies for persuading clients to consider contractors and transitioning candidates into contracting roles.

Jennifer Doyle will shed light on the support available for contractors and outline the process of getting set up as a contractor, briefly covering the necessary steps involved.

The panel discussion, led by Bryan Hyland, will delve into further details and address audience questions during the Q&A session.

This Breakfast Briefing is sponsored with thanks to ContractingPLUS.


DATE:                     Thursday 29th February

TIME:                      9.00am (until 10am)                          

COST:                     FREE

FORMAT:               Webinar



Feb 29 2024


9:00 am - 10:00 am
Online Webinar


Online Webinar