Job Board prices are going up….Are you going to Pay Up or Adapt?



Job Board prices are going up…

Are you going to Pay up or Adapt?


Join us on Thursday 23rd June as we welcome Matthew Wadsworth from Paiger who will reveal the best ways to avoid increasing Job Board prices and still find your ideal candidates. 


In the current market, candidates have their pick and are interviewing recruiters…..not the other way around!


This FREE webinar will look at the current success (or not) of job boards, what you really get from them and alternative ways to source candidates best suited for the roles you are trying to fill.


Matthew will cover: 


  • – Building your community

  • – Building your personal brand

  • – Utilising your networks

  • – How to make LinkedIn work for you

  • – How you can stand out as the ‘go-to’ Recruiter candidates really want


Matthew will reveal all his top tips to help You, the recruiter, be on top in a candidate scarce market.

Ed Heffernan will host this event and there’ll be a short Q&A session at the end of the webinar to cover all your queries. 


DATE:                     Thursday 23rd June 2022

TIME:                      9.30am (will last 45 minutes approx.)

COST:                    FREE

PLATFORM:            Zoom Webinar




Jun 23 2022


9:30 am - 10:30 am


Virtual Event