Expert in Customer Centricity, Digital Transformation, Technology &

Nancy Rademaker is one of the very few female international keynote
speakers to cover the impact of digitization on customer and employee
behaviour. She has over 20 years of experience in IT. She likes to focus on
how technology influences people’s behaviour, and how it helps them to
share knowledge and to create and innovate.

As a highly rated and motivating international business speaker, Nancy has
energized corporate events with bold presentations on the topics of digital
transformation, extreme customer centricity, employee experience,
disruption, Artificial Intelligence, and leadership.

She travels the world taking business leaders to innovation hubs like Silicon Valley and China, using that first-hand inspiration to keep the keynote content and examples on the cutting edge of the latest technologies, developments, and disruptive new business models. Nancy is also an entrepreneur; she is a senior partner with the Speakers Club and co-founder of a start-up,



• Digital Transformation & Leadership
• The Future of Ecosystems
• The X factor of Customer Centricity
• The Power of Artificial Intelligence
• Market Leadership in The Beyond
• Disruption of healthcare by big tech
• Employee Sustainability


• “THE NEW NORMAL” Webinar + Q&A with Nancy Rademaker

• International Keynote Speaker Nancy Rademaker

Power to the customer! | Nancy Rademaker | TEDxLausanne

SESSION: ‘The Power of AI – Finding the Sweet Spot between High Tech and High Touch’

Nancy will be covering what AI is, what it can do, and how it can help companies to become more customer-centric. But at the same time, it’s not just all about tech; we as humans will still be needed to offer the best possible customer AND employee experience.