The Savage Recruitment Academy offers a variety of intensive video modules along with a suite of over 50 micro-learning videos to provide training for recruiters at any stage of their career.

We are excited to announce that ERF Members are now able to access the Savage Recruitment Academy at discount rates.

This new subscription-based service provides over eighteen hours of intensive video learning modules. Training for rookies, experienced recruiters, and Billing Managers and Owners. In addition to hosting intensive video masterclasses, the platform includes 50 microlearning one-minute videos and scores of webinars and podcasts.

The platform is also updated with cutting edge training material delivered by Greg on a quarterly basis.

A special discount is available now for ERF members to access the platform. Sign up to get 10% off the subscription price and gain access to all of this content for you and your organisation.

Training Format:

Video Modules

Suitable for:

• New recruiters (rookies)
• Experienced recruiters
• Billing Managers
• Agency owners

For further information email