Francesca is well-known for her market research and commitment to promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
With a 20-year career in the staffing industry and over a decade at Staffing Industry Analysts, Francesca has played a pivotal role in shaping SIA’s DE&I research. Through her research and advocacy efforts, Francesca has shed light on the importance of diverse representation, technology trends, diverse networks, and the benefits of embracing a culture of inclusivity in staffing practices.

In addition to her focus on DE&I, Francesca also provides valuable market insights for SIA members on staffing markets as diverse as Japan, France, Italy, Belgium, Spain and Portugal.

Prior to joining SIA, Francesca worked for global staffing firms, Select Appointments and Vedior.



SESSION: Research Insights: Women Leadership in Staffing

Join us for a deep dive into the status of women in leadership within the staffing industry. Despite strides towards equality, the journey to achieving gender balance in C-suite positions, boardrooms, and private equity remains a significant challenge. Our session will unveil research-based insights, shedding light on the current landscape and potential pathways for progress. Following the keynote, there will be a panel discussion featuring prominent leaders in the staffing industry. Together, we’ll exchange best practices, key takeaways, and actionable steps towards fostering inclusive leadership cultures.