Breakfast Briefing – Visas & Works: For Employers, Agencies & Contractors


Visas & Work Permits – For Employers, Agencies & Contractors.




With so many types of visas and work permits and with legislation constantly changing, get the low-down from our experts on what you really need to know about them to make your hiring process easier. 


Whether you are an employer, agency or contractor, the many different types of visas and work permits currently on offer can be a total minefield to navigate your way through. 

But panic not! Join the ERF and Contracting PLUS Breakfast Briefing with guests Stefana Shishkova and Krasimira Vasileva from Visa First on April 29th. They will be on hand to provide the full breakdown on the different types of visas and work permits available, who is eligible / Right to Work and all the other little details that you really need to know! 

Visa First was established in 2003 and is the world’s leading provider of visa processing and immigration services for both corporates and individuals. They are part of an international group of companies with 28 offices worldwide including Australia, UK, France and Italy.

They provide a fast and reliable service – removing the hassle, uncertainly and time associated with arranging travel visas and permits. Every year they process over 10,000 visa applications for their customers worldwide. Their goal is to provide a global visa solution to travellers no matter where in the world they are or where their next destination is.


Our guests: 

Stefana Shishkova leads the Operations Team at Visa First. She manages the Corporate Visa Services division and assists clients to travel, work and trade globally with ease.

Krasimira Vasileva has worked with the Visa First team for over 8 years and specialises in Visa & Employment Permits. She is the company’s expert problem solver and can always be found working on the latest migration or work application for clients.


There is nothing these 2 ladies don’t know about work permits, visas, Right to Work and eligibility!


Jennifer Doyle is the Client Solutions Manager with Contracting PLUS and she will do a short piece covering visas and work permits for contractors.

Jimmy Sheehan (Managing Director, Contracting PLUS) will host this Breakfast Briefing and there will be a short Q&A session at the end.



DATE:                        Thursday 29th April

TIME:                        9.30am (will last 1 hour approx)

COST:                       FREE


This Breakfast Briefing is sponsored by ContractingPLUS.



Apr 29 2021


9:30 am - 10:30 am
Breakfast Briefing with Contracting PLUS


Breakfast Briefing with Contracting PLUS
Breakfast Briefing with Contracting PLUS