The Traits that propel Success in Sales Recruitment

The Traits That Propel Success in Sales Recruitment” workshop for employment and recruitment is designed as a comprehensive, dynamic program to elevate professionals in this sector.

The workshop comprises two 3-hour sessions, focusing on crucial aspects of mindset, motivation, and practical skills tailored for success in employment and recruitment.


Module 1: Foundations of Excellence 
Dive into the fundamentals of a winning sales mindset in the context of employment and recruitment.
Develop resilience, positivity, and a growth mindset for navigating recruitment challenges.
Lay the groundwork for aligning personal values with professional goals for enhanced job satisfaction.


Module 2: Motivation Mastery 
Identify and leverage individual intrinsic motivators that fuel passion for employment and recruitment.
Explore the unique role of external incentives and implement effective compensation structures.
Align rewards and recognition strategies to boost motivation in the specialized field of recruitment.


Module 3: Practical Application and Continuous Improvement 
Integrate principles from “The Recruitment Success Code” into daily practices.
Apply strategic insights derived from successful recruitment behaviours in real-world scenarios.
Engage in interactive case studies and role-playing to reinforce skills and receive personalized feedback.
Foster a culture of continuous learning, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration within the employment and recruitment community.


Learning outcomes
Participants will emerge with a refined mindset, fortified by the development of a tailored winning sales mentality and the cultivation of resilience, positivity, and a growth mindset to adeptly navigate the challenges inherent in recruitment. They will have identified and harnessed individual intrinsic motivators, aligning personal values with professional goals for heightened job satisfaction.

Additionally, participants will have acquired the skills to implement effective compensation structures, strategically align rewards and recognition strategies, and boost motivation within the unique context of employment and recruitment.

Professionals not only acquire essential skills but also thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of recruitment.

Early booking is advisable as places are strictly limited.


DATE:                Wed 22nd + Thurs 23rd May

TIME:                 9.30am – 12.30pm

LOCATION:       Online – Zoom 

COST:               €80 per person


About Jason Cooper –

Jason Cooper is a seasoned sales and marketing professional with over 25 years of experience in the corporate world. As a co-founder of two successful start-ups and a consultant to major clients like Google and IBM, Jason has left an indelible mark on businesses and individuals. He has trained thousands of professionals in sales and high performance and leadership, providing one-on-one coaching to many. With expertise in Irish, UK, and Global markets, Jason’s proven track record spans high-growth technology ventures and established SaaS giants.

A people-centric leader, Jason excels in recruiting, training, and motivating top-tier performers, fostering enhanced productivity and revenue upsurges. Certified as a Coach and Trainer, he combines business acumen with a fervent drive for personal growth, drawing on extensive knowledge in psychology and behavioural economics. Jason serves as a catalyst for individual and team advancement, establishing robust relationships with partners through empathy, strategic insights, coaching, and mentoring.

In addition to his consulting roles, Jason hosts an awarding winning podcast global sales leadership podcast with over 100 episodes, solidifying his status as a thought leader in the sales and business community. His dedication lies in unlocking the full potential of professionals, guiding sales teams, CEOs, and businesses toward unparalleled growth in today’s challenging business landscape. Other accolades include: Thinkers 360 Top voice, Top 10 Sales Thinkers 360 and LinkedIn top Sales Coaching Voice.


**This course is subsidised by ERF Skillnet

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May 22 - 23 2024


2 hour workshop
9:30 am - 12:30 pm


Online Skillnet Course


Online Skillnet Course
Online Skillnet Course
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