17th April 2024

May 2024 Breakfast Briefing – Limerick

  UNLOCKING SUCCESS:  Prioritizing Quality Jobs & Candidate Pipelines.    Quality jobs attract top talent which in turn boosts a […]
17th July 2023

CONNECT ¦ COLLABORATE ¦ SUCCEED – Talent Conference Limerick 2023 ¦ Sponsored by Fenero

                        This 2023 Talent Conference will take place in […]
26th April 2023

May Breakfast Briefing – Limerick

                        PLAYING THE LONG GAME: Be a trusted ADVISOR, […]
5th May 2022

May ERF Breakfast Briefing with Contracting Plus

  SALES HABITS for Incredibly Successful Recruiters in 2022!  With James Osborne.   Ask yourself the following questions: What happens […]
8th October 2019

West Conference – ‘Leading in the New World of Work’ – Limerick