The Rise of Contracting – Breakfast Briefing

The ERF and ContractingPLUS will host an online Breakfast Briefing on Wednesday 20th May.

The Rise of Contracting will be a panel discussion with Johnny Campbell (socialtalent), Mark Valentine (LinkedIn), Jimmy Sheehan (ContractingPLUS) and our own Geraldine King (ERF). The discussion will provide delegates with useful advice, guidance, statistics and actions they can take to be better Contract Recruiters.

Contracting as a way of working continued to grow even though we were reaching full employment (pre COVID-19). However, recent trends demonstrate that contracting is becoming a more acceptable way of working for the workers themselves and the companies who engage them.

When unemployment numbers rise, so do Contracting positions as companies are slow to commit to full-time hires in uncertain economic times. This means that recruitment agencies are now going to see big move away from permanent placements and their clients will now want to complete projects with contingent workers (contractors).

To give these agencies/companies the best chance of success, the ERF breakfast briefing will be about what the trends have been in the market, what we’ve seen in the past during economic slumps and how to now prepare yourself for the rise of Contracting.

The LinkedIn angle will look at the recruiters profile (what’s good, what to avoid, maybe some amusing examples of things you’ve seen in the past), the content they are sharing (their own, others, the frequency of posts, the length of those posts, etc.) and then what LinkedIn tools can give them an advantage. This is less about sales and more about acknowledging that a lot of what you need to do can be made much easier!

This is a FREE online event in association with ContractingPLUS. Booking is recommended.

Date:   Wednesday 20th May

Time:  9.30am – 10.30am (1 hour)

Cost:  FREE

Type: Online Breakfast Briefing

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May 20 2020


9:30 am - 10:30 am


Online Webinar


Online Webinar