Cork Breakfast Briefing with Ed McDermott (socialtalent)

‘The 7 Principles Behind Great Candidate Experience’ 

In association with our sponsor ContractingPLUS, we are hosting a Breakfast Briefing with Ed McDermott from socialtalent at the Imperial Hotel on Thursday 12th March.

Ed is the Strategic Account Manager for Socialtalent and has a wealth of experience in both client management and has the pleasure of looking after large organisations who have large inside sales teams or decentralised recruitment teams.

Set up in 2010, Socialtalent has become the world’s leading provider of Online Recruitment Training. In 2018 alone, they helped over 500 companies, including IBM, Intel, Oracle, AXA, SAP, and Zalando hire more than 1 million people. Today they employ over 70 staff in the Dublin Head Office and service enterprise clients in the US, UK and Northern Europe with users in all corners of the world

Socialtalent firmly believe in educating front-line recruiters in a consistent, high quality format, specifically personalised by who you are, where you are based and what you recruit for. With the ‘7 Principles’, Ed will show you how to make simple changes to your process that will delight your stakeholders and transform your recruiting process.

Bring a note pad and an open mind and prepare to be inspired!



Mar 12 2020


Light refreshments from 7.30am
7:30 am - 9:00 am
Imperial Hotel


Imperial Hotel