ChatGPT, AI & the Recruiter – March Breakfast Briefing













What do you know about Chat GPT?

Do you know the difference between ChatGPT and GPT-3?

Are you curious to find out how GPT-3 and Artificial Intelligence can help you as a Recruiter? 


ChatGPT is specifically designed for conversation modelling, more suited to chatbot and conversation applications while GPT-3 has a much broader range of capabilities.

GPT-3 is an artificial intelligence technology developed by OpenAI – It is the most powerful language model available in the world right now, and it’s revolutionising the way we interact with machines.

Join the ERF and  ContractingPLUS to explore how GPT-3 works, its potential applications, and how it can benefit the world of recruitment!


In this webinar, Jessica Kilkenny Roddy will show us how AI tools can help recruiters create engaging content faster than ever. Plus we’ll look at some of the exciting applications of GPT-3 that are already being developed such as useBert, an AI-powered copy generation tool that’s supercharging content creation. 

Using the latest in GPT-3 technology, useBert can quickly create SEO optimized blogs for your website, craft captivating social media posts, generate compelling blog titles, and even edit existing content for areas of improvement. Plus, you’ll be able to draw inspiration from current news publications to craft one-of-a-kind content.


What we’ll cover: 

  • – Constructing a powerful personal brand on social channels

  • – Generating interesting articles & blogs that Google will love

  • – Maximising your marketing capabilities 

  • – A guided tour of useBert and how to get the most out of the platform

  • – A Q&A session at the end to answer all your queries



TIME:                   9am (will run for 45 minutes approx)

DATE:                  Thursday 30th March

FORMAT:            Online Webinar

COST:                 FREE


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About Jessica:

Jess initially established herself in the recruitment industry 2013, when she first joined one of the world’s leading recruitment agencies. Since then, she has made her mark on boutique agencies, international firms, and established highly successful sales teams at rec-tech companies.

In late 2022, she Co-Founded useBert to satisfy an unmet need in the market before launching to the market in 2023.  

**This event is sponsored by ContractingPLUS 


Mar 30 2023


9:00 am - 9:45 am
Online Webinar


Online Webinar