2022/2023 ERF Recruitment Executive Apprenticeship - BA (Hons) Degree in Recruitment Practice

In partnership with National College of Ireland


The Apprenticeship is a 3 year BA (Hons) Degree in Recruitment Practice (QQI Level8) in partnership with the National College of Ireland. See HERE for more about NCI Apprenticeships
It will be accessible to school leavers, current recruiters and is also open to people looking for a career change. See Top 10 Attributes Recruitment-Exec Apprentice to find out if you would make a suitable Apprentice! Entry to the Apprenticeship programme is subject to an interview with the participating agency. The Apprentice will sign up with an agency and this is NOT transferable. If the Apprentice leaves this agency, they will not be eligible to join with another agency and will not remain in the apprenticeship scheme.
Each Apprentice is required to have a Mentor which is provided by the company. Mentors will be trained by NCI and are subject to visits from NCI throughout the year. Must have Leaving Certificate (or previous recruitment experience). See Workplace Mentors and Top 10 Characteristics for a Mentor Recruitment Exec for further information.
On the job training is vital as part of this course and this will be calibrated across the industry. Work-based learning assessments will be conducted - this can carry up to 50% of the overall markings.
Each semester will run for 10 weeks. The Apprentice will work 4 days a week at the agency and will attend a 'College Day' (normally a Thursday) on the 5th day, either on-line or in NCI. (Due to COVID-19, we may begin the year online only).
Contact Janice O'Rourke for further information, registering your application and for costs / fee structure at 087 6108783 or janice@erfireland.com
Applications must be submitted on or before mid-September 2022 and we will require the following in order for NCI to process that application in time for the start of the course.
1. Name of the Apprentice, job title and work email
2. Name of assigned Mentor, job title and work email
3. Name of Apprentice Advocate (who is taking overall responsibility for apprentices for co-ordination of apprentices in the organisation), job title and work email.
For Employers interested in participating in the Recruitment Executive Apprenticeship please see https://www.erfireland.com/nrf-apprenticeship-undergraduate-degree-for-recruiters/
For Apprentices interested in participating in the Recruitment Executive Apprenticeship please see https://www.ncirl.ie/Study/Apprenticeships-at-NCI/ERF-Recruitment-Apprenticeship 




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