Renowned as the world’s foremost TV hypnotist, mentalist and Brain Hacker, Keith has been revolutionizing the entertainment industry on a global scale for numerous years. With his awe-inspiring abilities, he has been featured in over forty international television shows, captivating audiences worldwide. Over the past twenty years, Keith has also written, produced and performed many of his own live and virtual shows, selling out venues across the globe.

In addition to his incredible performances, Keith has established himself as a highly sought-after motivational speaker, gracing the stages of international conferences such as The Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity and TED. Notably, his TED Talk has garnered significant acclaim, ranking among the top twenty-five TED Talks of all time and accumulating an impressive viewership of over twenty-five million.

Expanding his influence further, Keith has recently released a ground-breaking self-help book titled ‘Brain Hacks’.  Within this publication, Keith unveils an array of techniques that facilitate the cultivation of a champion mindset and the subconscious development of mental toughness. A children’s adaption of the book‘ Mind Magic’ has also just been published.