Since being founded in 2008, Icon Accounting has supported over 15,000 Independent Professionals in their transition to contracting roles, many of whom we have represented for a period spanning 10+ years.

Our in-house team of experts specialise in explaining, simplifying, and streamlining contracting, making your candidate’s first contract-opportunity completely hassle free.

We specialise in umbrella company solutions, and the long-term tax planning benefits that can be achieved through a private limited company. Both services offer a truly fully-managed service inclusive of company insurance, a dedicated account manager and point of contact, as well as market leading technology to support our clientele which was built by contractors for contractors.

We’ve built dedicated partnerships spanning over 10 years to deliver Independent Professionals with specialist guidance on contractor wealth management, contractor mortgages, and pension planning, amongst additional value added services such as our iPerks savings, learning, and wellness platform.

As the highest rated, and most reviewed accountancy partner for contractors in Ireland, our mission remains true to this day – we’re a customer service company first, and an accountancy company second. Our slogan embodies the service offering that we provide to Independent Professionals, “you do your job, and we’ll do the rest”.

We’re equally passionate about continuous improvement and innovation as we are about building Ireland’s Contractor Community.