Dr Heather is Europe’s leading lifestyle behaviour change specialist. She has spent over 10 years in academia studying what it takes to create habits that last. Her work has been published in world-leading research journals as well 300+ media articles and she has been featured in Vogue, Time magazine, and The Times and she is a regular contributor to the BBC.




Heather’s Session: ‘Sticky Habits: How to create high-performance habits that actually last’ 

The way in which you’ve been approaching your work, personal, and health goals might be the exact thing that’s holding you back from success.  In this session, Dr Heather will reveal what the behavioural science shows actually works to make those big shifts in our lives and importantly make them stick.

“Dr Heather brings a new, scientific and action-focused approach to habits. Empowering you to turn your intentions into actions to create habits that can move you from burnt-out, demotivated, and lethargic to energised and engaged.”

You will leave this session with greater awareness and understanding of what works to create habits that last and the next step you can take to harness your motivation and kickstart the changes that matter most to you.